The Specials

Vacationing with a dog

Your four-legged friends are very welcome. Dogs can enjoy a fully fenced garden.The garden and the surrounding areas provide plenty of space for your dog to run around and explore. Please make sure to clean up after your dog: avoid leaving waste on the property, in the village, and any other areas. Please make sure your dog does not bathe in the pond. The chickens are not for hunting! The bathing area on the lake is primarily for families, so please wait for the area to be vacant before allowing your dog to play in the water. If one follows these few rules, which are mostly common sense, your dog will also be able to enjoy his vacation to the fullest.


From April to October the lake of Stuer offers a natural and powerful spectacle: thousand of birds come to nest or rest before continuing their jounrney.

Apple harvest

From our second home country Italy, we have taken the idea of Agriturismo: our guests can help with the harvest of apples and can make in the nearby village Gazlin their own apple juice. It tastes fantastic and it is full of vitamines.

Dark nights

Nowdays it is rare to be in places without lights at night. In Satow and surroundings you can admire the sky in almost complete darkness. Clear nights are incredibly beautiful and they are not rare because Satow is generally dry and windy.

Stuer im Winter

Stuer is a paradise, not only in summertimes. Also in Winter you can spend a very relaxing time alone or with the whole family.
The neighborhood invites to beautiful snow-excursions, snowball fightings with the childrens or build snowmans.
After this you can warm yourself with hotdrinks in front of the chimney.

Don´t miss this experience!