Satow is a small village surrounded by fields and woods, allowing for an endless suply of biking and hiking trails. A historic church built in the 13th century is located near the vacation home. Idealy located only 50 meters away from the home, is a lake and bathing area, making a quick swim before breakfast possible (fresh bread is available in a small store across the street from the house). Dog owners are kindly advised to only allow their dogs in the lake when no other simmers are present.

Biggest animal sanctuary in europe: The Baerenwald – Bears in fairytale-forest

The Bärenwald is a sanctuary for Bears coming from all over Europe. The Bärenwald currently is home for 17 bears. A visit is definitively worth both for kids and adults. The entrance is just 5 km away from our house and a pleasant walk or bike tour.

Schutzzentrum Baerenwald